What songs do you want played at your wedding/funeral?
Like most people from my generation, I'm obsessed with music. So, I was wondering what songs you want at your wedding and/or funeral.

Also, I wanted a storage place, since I'm constantly hearing things and thinking 'oooh, that would be good.'

Here's mine so far:

It's a well known fact to my friends that I'm going to walk down the aisle to Can't Help Falling in Love-Elvis. And then the moment I get to the alter, the cd will skip and Hustlin-Rick Ross will come on.

In Joy and Sorrow-Him
Grow Old With Me-John Lennon
Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Elton John? I have no idea.
Tiny Dancer-Elton John
Just Breathe-Pearl Jam
When I'm 64-Beatles
A Whole New World-Aladdin

And after the kiddies go home Fuck Her Gently-Tenacious D.
Happy Home-Tupac
No One-Alicia Keys
If I Ain't Got You-Alicia Keys
When a Man Loves a Woman-Otis Redding
Hard to Concentrate-RHCP
First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
Close to You-Carpenters
Shelter from the Storm-Bob Dylan
How Can I Tell You-Cat Stevens
Better Together-Jack Johnson
Home-Edward Sharpe
I Got You-Sonny and Cher
Pretty much any and every Frank Sinatra song. Namely; L.O.V.E., and Always
Good Feeling-Violent Femmes
From Such Great Heights-Iron and Wine
There's a whole bunch more that I'll post in the comments as they come to me.

In My Life-Beatles
The End-The Doors
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin
Life Goes On-Tupac
Black Swan Song-Athlete
Sissy's Song-Alan Jackson
Lake of Fire-Nirvana
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out-Cat Stevens
Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley
I'll Fly Away-Hymn
Will the Circle Be Unbroken-Johnny Cash
Dustland Fairytale-Killers
Good Feeling-Violent Femmes
Truckin'-Grateful Dead
America-Paul Simon
I'll Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab
Upward Over the Mountain-Iron and Wine.

More to be added.

Lost The End FanVid
I was listening to this song with my nephew earlier and it really made me think of the Lost finale, so I made this:

Lost The End Fan Fic
Just a one off fan-fic to help me move on with my life. What happened to all of the survivors when they left.

          He doesn't eat much. Years of not needing food to survive has put a stint in his appetite. It's late afternoon now, and he fixes his first meal of the day; a bagel. He discovered his love of bread shortly in this new life. This new life, he realizes then, is no longer so brand new. He has lived here in this house, with these people, for nearly four years.  He's still getting used to time, however. Still getting used to his changing reflection, and the creaks and aches his body is starting to get as he reaches middle age.

In the distance he can hear the children playing. When they first arrived in LA, four years ago, they had been met with great fanfare. It caused quite a stir when an Ajira airliner landed in LA X with four people who weren't on it when it left for Guam, and only two who were. Yet, they had explained it away, somehow. Captain Frank J. Lapidus was a national hero.

Frank had accepted these accolades with his usual gruffness, and went on with his buisiness. He was still flying planes, somewhere. They didn't see him a lot.

When they had first gotten here, him, Miles, Sawyer, and Claire had moved into Kate's old house temporarily. Just till jobs were found, and other arrangements made. Miles had moved out a few months later, to an apartment a few miles away. He said he needed his space, but he was around this house just as much as Richard was. To be honest, Richard had no idea what Miles did to pay his bills. Miles always just said that he had his ways, and not to worry about it.

Sawyer, who rarely used that name anymore, had gotten a job in construction. It had taken some time, but he had eventually made his peace with Cassidy. He now saw his daughter, the beautiful Clementine, on a every other weekend basis. She was here now, because Sawyer was here now. For the last four years Sawyer and Kate had been in a constant rollercoaster relationship. No one in this house, save maybe the children, was foolish enough to think that there was any love involved at all. This was out of convenience. How could they not be together, after all they had been through? But, the only people those two would ever truly love, the ones they belonged with? They were dead. Perhaps it was this commonality that kept the two together.

Richard hadn't left, because he just didn't He stayed in the attic now on an old hide-away bed. It was humid, but he was used to the heat. It didn't matter much to him. He wasn't really here a lot anyway. Given his second life, he wasn't taking anything for granted. He was seeing all the world had to offer. But, he had to admit, he liked it here. It wasn't the family he had planned with Isabella, but it would do. He kept to himself, but he liked the background noise this house provided him.

Lately, Claire and Miles had been seeing each other. What would come from it was anyone's guess, but Richard didn't see it getting very far. Claire, years after the island, still held a certain paranoia about her. Years alone in the jungle are going to change you. She wouldn't ever be the same.

"Hey, Richard." She greeted him brightly. "I was wondering when you would make your way into the fray." Richard smiled, popping the bagel into his mouth.

"How are you today, Claire?" He asked her. But, they were interrupted by Aaron and Clementine. The two kids invaded the kitchen, and Claire was lost in a whirlwind of microwave timers and juice boxes. By the time she was standing still again, Richard had already made his way outside. He had found Sawyer there, loading his truck.

"Hey, Lazarus." Sawyer had said.

"Jim." Richard had nodded. "When are you leaving?" He asked him. Sawyer was making his way to Florida like he did two, maybe three times a year to visit Juliet's sister, Rachel.
"Around four a.m. You still riding with?" Sawyer asked him. Richard nodded.
"Good way to see the country." He replied. Sawyer just nodded. It was also the long way, but Sawyer hadn't been on a plane in four years. He doubt he ever would be again. They small talked for a little while. They had grown used to their new roles as housemates, but shades of their time on the island forever lurked beneath the su

"Hey, Sunshine." Sawyer called up the stairs to his daughter that night. "Bags packed and ready before you go to sleep." This relationship, too, was still fragile. Clementine had been at a strange age when Sawyer had finally shown up. She had wanted a father, but she had been hesitant to trust this strange man. Even now, after she had been a few times already, Richard could tell the girl was hesitant about spending two weeks of her summer with her father. But, she liked her "cousin" Julien, they were the same age. And she liked her "aunt" Rachel.

Sawyer's relationship with Juliet's family had been a tricky one, as well. It had been hard to explain who he was, and why he was there. But, in the end, Rachel had accepted him as the only surviving piece of her sister. It was the same reason why Sawyer accepted her.

Claire, and Kate, and Carole, there was another twisted web of trust. The three women were constantly juggling with each other, and trying not to step on the other's toes. Aaron had never really questioned anything. He rolled with the punches, this was his mother, and this was his old mother who he now called Auntie Kate, and this was his grandmother. And these men were his supposed "uncles", and Clementine was his cousin. Okay. If you say so. His youth had definitely been a blessing in this situation.

When the children were in bed, Richard was more comfortable to spend time in the main part of the house with the other grown ups. Miles was there that night, though he didn't speak much. Kate was writing a letter to the Paiks, to ask about Ji Yeon. They didn't always respond. It was strange, this survivor's guilt. Constantly checking on the families that had been left behind. It had been worse those first few months back, when Miles and Richard had literally knocked on doors.

"Mrs. Shepherd? We knew your son. Yes, he's dead. We're so sorry."

"Mrs. Reyes? Hugo's fine. We just thought you should know."

But, it had been Kate, Sawyer, and Claire who had went to New York to tell Walt that his father was dead. 

On and on it had went. Then, sometimes, they would have a flash, a deja vu, of the island. Like six months ago, when a boy named Zack had approached Kate at the super market.

"You were there." He told her. And she had nodded. They all knew where "there" was.
"Hurley says 'hi'." He said then. Not knowing what else to do, Kate had thanked him. Zack had nodded, walked away, and they hadn't seen him since. When Kate had told the others about the run-in later that night, she had cried.

They had known already that Cindy, Emma, and Zack had made it off of the island with Desmond via the Elizabeth and a little Hurley intervention. Desmond had told them three and a half years ago. One day, a few months after their grand return, he showed up on their doorstep. His wife and young son were with him. They had stayed in LA for a few days, and then they left. But, while they were there Desmond had explained what had happened on the island after they left.

When Desmond had finally woke up, he was in Dharmaville. He smelled the distinct smell of bacon wafting through the air, and it confused him. He had been slow to his feet, his head spinning, but eventually he had finally made his way to the kitchen. There, standing by the stove, was Hurley. The last Desmond remembered there had been a war for the island going on, and it seemed so peculiar to see Hurley in this domesticated state.

"Hurley?" He had asked.

"Oh, hey, dude." Hurley had replied, glancing over his shoulder. 

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Desmond had asked. Hurley had explained then that the island was safe, but Jack was dead, and he, Hurley, was now the boss.

"I don't know dude, it's all pretty new." Hurley had explained as he ate his bacon. "But, basically, I'm Jacob, and Ben's Richard, and we're introducing this new regime or whatever."

"So where's Ben?"  Desmond had asked. He seemed to have lost his grand enlightenment. He could no longer sense the other universe. He wondered if this had anything to do with the Man in Black or Jack dying. But he decided in the end that it didn't really matter. He had been wrong. There was no way to go to that world. Not anymore.

"He's out in the jungle, looking for any survivors, and making a list of who's going and who's staying." Hurley explained.

"Going? Going where?" Hurley beamed at this question, so happy to be able to tell Desmond that he was going home.

In the end, Ben had found twenty-thirty people still living on the island. With Hurley's permission, he had began to move most of them into the Dharma camp. There was talk about dispatching a few to some of the old Dharma stations in order to gain communication with the outside world. Hurley said it was something they were looking into. Just another project on their growing list, already they were planning to gather up all of the outriggers and other means of transportation. Someone was going to have to go and gather the remaining supplies from Widmore's camp, then there were repairs that needed to be made to Dharmaville, and Hurley wanted to go to his group's old camp and see if there was anything to see. Plus, a million other little things that needed to be cleaned up from what had happened. Most importantly, there was the matter of the funerals.  Which Desmond had stayed for.

The body of the Man in Black looked so much like John Locke, Hurley couldn't bear to simply tossed in the sea. But, out of respect for Jack Shepherd's sacrifice, no funeral was held for it. It wasn't allowed with the graves of Libby, Boone, or the others. It was simply buried in the jungle. Desmond had helped Hurley and Ben dig the grave. They gathered all of the casualties, Widmore's men, the people from the temple, and with the help of the other inhabitants, they made a mass grave. They burned the bodies of the Ajira flight.

For Jack Shepherd, who had died for this island, they gave him his own grave, and they held a seperate funeral. Hurley didn't seem like the new Jacob to Desmond. He was too involved, too emotionally invested, he was helping too much. Desmond could see what they meant by "new regime".

Then, finally, it was time for Desmond to go home. In the end, there were only three people who wanted to leave the island with him; Cindy, Emma, and Zack.

"Are you sure this is going to work, Hugo?" Desmond had asked as they loaded the boat that day.

"Dude, I'm Jacob." Hurley had answered. "It'll work. Follow the bearings I gave you, you'll eventually come to an island. Fuel up there, then head here." Hurley tapped another set of coordinates. "From there you should be able to catch a flight to LAX. Get Zack and Emma home." Desmond had nodded. When he had reached the second island he had called Penny, and arranged for her to meet him in California.

It had been a grand tale, but it was incomplete. That was four years ago, and what was happening on the island now, if Hurley and Ben were still ruling in peace, well that was anyone's guess.

"Well, it's taken longer than we anticipated, Hugo, but I think we have finally gotten everything in the island back to working order." Ben Linus said, out of breath from his long walk up the lighthouse.

"That's good, dude." Hurley had said. "How many players do we have for the Island Open tomorrow?" He asked.

"Five or six." Ben replied, observing this leader at work. "If you don't mind my asking; you've been obsessing over this lighthouse for weeks. Ever since Desmond brought you the glass to repair it. What are you doing?" He had been ruling with Hurley for four years now, a job that he loved dearly. Still, there were things, part of Hurley's new role, he didn't quite understand.

Hurley just smiled as he spun the sun dial, and a small house came up on the glass. He looked so much different from the last time they had crossed paths that Ben barely recognized Walt Lloyd walking down the sidewalk.

"Planning my retirement." Hurley said quietly, as he leaned in to watch closer.


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